Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is a long-range statement of policy intended to direct the growth and physical development of a community for an extended period of time. Comprehensive planning is a critical function of city government because it relies heavily upon citizen input, engages diverse stakeholders, and involves all municipal departments. It is the process by which a community accesses what it has, what it wants, how to achieve what it wants, and how to implement what it wants.

Comprehensive plans are legally intended by State law to survive turnover among staff, elected representatives, and appointed officials in addition to providing insulation to crucial policies and programs from prevailing political moods. Through planning, the dialogue for how Little Elm will change through the years formally commences, and a shared vision for the future is forged. Town leaders rely upon the comprehensive plan in their decisions regarding infrastructure, development regulations, facilities, staffing, CIP projects, and bond programs based upon determinations of present and future conditions.

Annual Review

The 2008 Comprehensive Plan is intended to be a dynamic planning document for Little Elm - one that responds to changing needs and conditions. The full benefits of the plan can only be realized by maintaining it as a vital, up-to-date document. Little Elm's progress in implementing the Comprehensive Plan is annually reviewed with respect to current conditions and trends, and those annual reviews are provided below:

In addition to periodic annual review, the 2008 Comprehensive Plan will undergo a thorough review and update every five (5) years. The review and update process will begin with the establishment of Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee comprised of various stakeholders including property owners, neighborhood groups, civic leaders, developers, business owners, Town staff, and other citizens, groups, and individuals who express an interest in the long-term growth and development of the Town.

2008 Comprehensive Plan