The Engineering division provides assistance and guidance to developers, contractors, and external public agencies and franchises on new development, infrastructure projects, facilities, and other special projects and construction. This process includes maintaining the Town’s construction specifications and design criteria, providing civil plan review, permitting activity within the Town’s rights-of-way and other easements, conducting field inspections on the installation and construction of roadways, water and sewer lines, storm-water and drainage facilities, new development, and Town facilities.


To maintain the Town's construction specifications and design criteria, in order to provide engineering review and construction inspection of all capital construction projects (CCP) and private development within the Town and its ETJ.


The Engineering Department works with developers and contractors to provide for the development of the town. The department provides assistance and guidance during the platting, design, construction, and final record phases of all projects within the town. This includes daily inspections of the installation of street, drainage, water and sewer facilities, and reviews the laboratory testing data conducted to insure compliance with town standards.


The department also permits and reviews the installation of private owned utilities installed within the towns and states right of ways to insure they are protected from damage or congestion. All of the town records related to projects and construction activities are compiled, stored, and maintained by the Engineering Department.

Engineering Services